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Very, very cool

Hehe, I wonder who that could have been...

Once again blown away by your skills - looking forward to see you record a tutorial on how you go about this :)

Then I thought 'by gods does this sound familiar', and after some digging inside my skull, I found the source: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-8Gh_aNRh0g&t=8m48s

Enjoy! XD

ZaazNG responds:

Thank you so much, Dee my man! I have more than once considered making tutorials on music, just need the gear for it :)
DUDE... I'm shocked by how similar that sounds, I accidentally ended up recreating Bert and Ernie lol I originally had "Fairy Council" from Rayman 3 as the original inspiration for that intro! :)

Nice work! The overall volume is a bit low, but consistent - I'd advise you to look into dynamic processing (compressing / limiting) and equalization to boost the quality further. Then add a tad more variety between the narrator and slayer voices, and boom, baby!

Frostgale responds:

Thanks for the feedback.
the reason for the low volume, well, I wanted to reduce background noise by a fair bit and I'm still figuring Audacity out, my solution for the background noise was to lower the recording volume. Now that I have a lead on what I should be looking into, I'll be looking into dynamic processing and equalization.
I may update this audio submission; one, my original voice for the slayer was gonna be a little haughty, kinda jovial, two, I can do much better taking into account what you suggested.
Other than that, I wouldn't mind updated feedback (if and when I update it)

Dammit Nick

Man, this is hilarious XD
Great job!

ZaazNG responds:

Hehe, thanks a bunch, Dee! Glad you liked it :)

Good work! Great atmosphere, nice mix of voice, sounds and music - only remark I have is that the volume of the voice is way too low compared to the rest. Just look at the visual above and see how much headroom you still have left on it. Polish up on those engineering skills a bit and you'll be doing great.

Liltokochanttv-NSFW responds:

Thank you that is genuinely very helpful info. This was my first try at this kinda project I've got a few more lined up ill be sure to use these in my notes

Nice man! Definition of the drums could be a little better possibly, but the headphones I'm using right now have seen better days...

bipolarmunkey responds:

It's honestly probably not your headphones lol. I wrote, recorded and mixed this in just under 3 hours so chances are it's probably the lack of time on it, if I'm being honest with myself lol. Glad you dig it tho!

Hey man, as I put up in the Audio Pub Discord, I wasn't going to leave an in-depth review of the tracks I judged proactively, but in your case I'm making an exception. I stand by the (poor) score I gave you, but your track has so far been the only one where it pained me to do so. My judgment is split 50/50 between composition and production values. Your composition is bloody awesome. In terms of songwriting, you definitely have what it takes and the nostalgia levels are through the roof. But the dynamic processing on the track is so bad that the final production is just, well... bust. Every single beat every single instrument is fighting to be the loudest, adding a huffing and pumping quality to the sound that just makes the song impossible to listen to - and all the while your not even close to mixing/mastering at full volume. So you have tons of headroom to fix this, which all go completely unused. It's like serving a chicken that is absolutely exquisitely marinated but also fried for several hours and thus impossible to chew, and digestibility is still a very solid prerequisite.

My advice to you: read up on dynamic processing and focus on giving all the instruments their proper place in the mix in terms of loudness. Once you have the dynamics down, you can further fine-tune that positioning using EQ and some reverb/delay.

You get a better grasp on this and your songs could be insanely awesome. I'm very sorry you didn't make it to the next round, but I hope this helps you to up your game and do incredibly well on the next challenge. Feel free to get in touch with me if you want to discuss further.



Daveisgr81 responds:

Thanks for taking the time to let me know - I appreciate the feedback! I'll get in touch over the next few weeks and am already working on this processing :)


LexRodent responds:

\m/ ( º o º ) \m/

Grew up tinkering with sound. Decided I might as well bother the rest of the world with it. Very much open to relevant discussion & collaborations.



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