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Awesome work gang, visuals are gorgeous, music and SFX are incorporated really well and the voice acting is just great. Looking forward to seeing more of this!

NIKOYOART responds:

Omg thank you so much!!

Nice work man! If you're in need of voices, you know where to find me <3

This looks completely incredibly - big Gravity Falls vibes, but in a more sepia-toned pallete. If you are still looking for voice actors, I'd be more than willing to lend a hand on this, especially on characters like the big guy of what appears to be the duo of antagonists or other equally shady characters. Feel free to hit me up for more info. Either way, good luck on this project!

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Haha, ok so the game is pretty basic, but the collected artwork is magnificent - and thanks for featuring mine! I'd say move on to the sequel with some expanded gameplay elements, you definitely have the gameplay and artwork down.

Fish125 responds:

Glad you like it, we're hoping to be able to rollout an update or 2 with more features

This holds a lot of promise, but the controls and the user interface - pardon my Dutch - are really crappy. If you can capture that roguelike feel through more subtle controls and a more informative UI, you'd really be on to something here...

Matty77 responds:

Thanks....I'm not exactly sure how to fix the UI/Controls - I'm not that good at picking up what's quite wrong with it...and I'm used to it (problem with being a solo dev sometimes) - but I'll think on it.

Well... It works. But the visuals are poor, the music gets annoying real fast, investing in better clicks is completely worthless, the game is completely broken once you get infinite kromer and there's nothing adding to the game in terms of story, goal, background or originality. The engine works. Now go out there and make a game with it!

friskveryfresh123 responds:

thanks for the feedback!

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Damn are you being prolific - and funny too! The overall volume could use a little kick in the keister, but other than that this stuff is excellent. Keep 'em coming!

This is absolutely fucking gorgeous

Official ADM review:

This track blew me away. The minimalism of the first half is daring, but allows the quirks in chord progression and melodies to really shine. Very often they take unexpected turns, with the chords swerving into deep melancholy at 40s in and the melody feeling like it's going to victoriously resolve on the root note at the 1m mark before plunging the listener into regret instead. And all the while the piano and violin are darting around each other like lovers who have forgotten how to talk.

Then halfway through the soundscape begins to fill up, gradually but definitively confirming the anxiety of the two voices before boosting morale and ending on a hopeful rather than regretful note - the only section I actually think could be improved. The contrast with the first pass, featuring only piano and violin, is clear and appropriate, but the climax feels forced. The major chord that brings everything home feels like it either comes to soon or adds to little as it just fades out after that without truly adding to the story anymore. Compare it to reading your kid a fairy tale and finishing with 'and the wolf had eaten his entire family and he lived happily ever after' *sound of book decisively slamming shut*

But truly, that's the only criticism I can come up with. The composition is beautiful in its simplicity, the sound design is spartan but very appropriate and the production is lush and really supports the composition in drawing your listeners in. Great work, and good luck with the finals!

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Happy birthday @ZaazNG!

W00t! Feed my narcissism!


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