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Grew up tinkering with sound. Decided I might as well bother the rest of the world with it. Very much open to relevant discussion & collaborations.

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Looking for that one drum loop to fit your track that's just impossible to find? Maybe I can help.

The Man: Check out some examples of my drumming skills on Crusade's YouTube channel, and of played and recorded tracks for my own projects, either direct to two track or with a four track set up I plan on using in this exercise. I like to play heavier music, but am not restricted to simple pounding.


The Plan: on December 24th, I hope to record a number of live drum tracks for some of my projects. While I have everything set up, recording some extra loops should be a piece of cake. If you want a royalty-free drum loop recorded free of charge, give me:

  • An example of the beat you want recorded
  • The number of BPM it should be recorded at
  • The WAV format (sample rate and bit depth) you would need the file in

If it's restricted to a couple of bars and not impossible to play, I'll set you up.

The Offer: limited time opportunity to get your own custom drum loops, subject to availability of my time. The final samples will be yours to use, and you giving me credit for providing them would be appreciated. I'll of course keep copies which I may or may not use in future projects myself.

Interested? Simply reply to this post or drop me a message.




Barter deal: art wanted, va/music offered

I couldn't draw if my life depended on it. I would like to have an image altered/processed and I'm convinced any artist with half a set of skills could do it. I may be wrong about that, but what I do know is that I can't.

I love Parks & Rec and Ron Swanson in particular. I'd like to have a t-shirt printed, just for myself, with his beautiful face on it:


Not necessarily this picture, but one with his trademark scowl at least. I want it to be a cut-out of his head, from chin to hair-do. I want it to be black lines, white fill with a slightly cartoonish bent, such as this:



Thick, smooth lines, no greys or shading - big on contrast. I'd need it in a resolution high enough to survive being printed on textile.

The artist would need to:

  • Find a picture they could work with
  • Find some more example pictures like the ones above (I'm pretty sure there are examples that come closer to what I'd like to see, but I have no clue how to find them)
  • Submit at least one source and one example pic to me, a couple to choose from if possible, so we can reach agreement on what to work with

After that, I'm pretty confident something good will come out of it, but naturally I'll want to approve the final product as well.


I'm asking for someone to put unpaid time into this. Instead, I want to offer a barter deal. If, upon completion or at any moment after that, you require:

  • A bit of voice acting
  • A bit of music
  • Someone to mix your music or troubleshoot your mix
  • Something recorded to add to your music
  • Anything else you think I would be a suitable candidate to help you out with,

I will return the favor. It's gotta be more or less balanced of course, but I'm gonna assume that anyone reading this is savvy to what is and isn't fair. If I'm subsequently allowed to put it in my portfolio and/or get credited in the final product, I'll even be willing to put in a little extra effort.

I don't have much by way of a portfolio at this moment, but I plan on updating my corner of the site a lot in the coming weeks, I have some stuff on my YouTube (most of which I recorded and/or mixed and/or played) or I could do you a solid playing and recording live drums for something.

Hit me up if you think you can deliver what I'm looking for and are willing to barter!


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