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The Crusade needs you!

Hey all,

Last week my band and I decided to publish our heretofore unreleased album. The original plan was to launch it early/mid 2020 with a nice party and live music, so guess how well that went.

As we started discussing other plans of action, one of them was to have a music video created for one of the tracks, and this is where I turn to you. This is a paid work opportunity - we haven't discussed a budget yet and we won't be able to pay an industry standard salary, but compensation for time and effort is the least we can do.

Who we are:

Crusade is a hardcore punk band formed early 2015 as a four piece, with a second guitarist flown in somewhere along the way. Although the music sounds pretty serious, we've never taken ourselves seriously and all the usual left-wing protests against politics, religion and inequality are absent from our work. We want to bring positive energy and a positive message to our audience: Have fun, go wild, be nice. We've played a decent number of live shows over the years and are proud of the album all this experience churned out.

What we want:

We're looking for an animated music video that fits our values and sense of humor for any 1 of the songs off our album. You can find it on Spotify, iTunes and Bandcamp. I know for a fact that there's a huge amount of talent going around NG, so we're leaving it up to the animators to come up with ideas. We have the lyrics to the songs available somewhere, which I can make available on request. The final product will need to survive being uploaded to YouTube and possibly similar platforms, and of course you will be allowed to feature it in your portfolio (with credits/links to Crusade for the music - the music is 100% ours, no labels or agencies attached).

What we expect:

Respond to me in a DM with:

  • Subject line 'Crusade video' for easy identification
  • What song you would like to do the video for
  • The concept of the video, preferably with a storyboard or similarly fleshed out idea
  • Some links to your portfolio material so we have an idea of your standard
  • Your fee for working out the animation

How it will go from there:

We'll take the time to go through the submissions, please allow for plenty as we are currently only in touch online and have wives, kids and full time jobs plus I have no idea how much response this will generate. We'll try and pick out at least one idea that has the concept and quality we're looking for, for a fee we can part with. If we can do more than one, that's a possibility as far as I'm concerned. I'll try and respond to every submission - again, depending on the number - but we'll naturally get in touch with the winner(s) and start working out the details such as at what stages we want to see the production and give feedback, general time frame, etc. Payment will be 100% upon receipt and approval of the video file (which will naturally include our music and any other sounds/effects you add - all other sounds and effects must be entirely royalty free, so please strongly consider recording these for the occasion instead of downloading from somewhere - we can help you here). You are free to enlist the aid of other animators or artists as you deem necessary, but our agreement will be between yourself and Crusade (through me) alone. We will want to premiere the video ourselves, at which point you will be free to upload it yourself.

That's it, methinks. If you have any questions or suggestions related to this post, don't hesitate to drop me a line. Looking forward to whatever awesome ideas your brains may spawn. Ready, set, animate!