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LuckyDee's News

Posted by LuckyDee - April 14th, 2022

Last day to submit your VAC14 round 1 entries! Deadline is just over 22 hours away, so make sure your submission is published and tagged by then!



Posted by LuckyDee - March 22nd, 2022

Who has two thumbs and is hosting the 14th NG Voice Acting Contest?


Except it's me. I'm not a doctor. Please don't ask me any medical questions



Posted by LuckyDee - March 15th, 2022

My bestest onwine fwiend @Zaaz drew me this birthday gift - and he nailed it, right down to my chubby cheeks and the bags under my eyes on account of being god damn prehistoric!


Thanks a bunch, my friend! And to all my other followers: what's keeping you? XD



Posted by LuckyDee - March 4th, 2022

You know you made it when people start making fan art! Not allowed to share it as art, as it was made by @FcoSG and not myself, but I'm totally tickled pink:




Posted by LuckyDee - February 19th, 2022

Since the better part of a year, I've been the singer for a skatepunk band called Aandrang ("Urge") - it started as a reincarnation of a bunch of guys' previous band, doing Dutch cover songs à la Me First and the Gimme Gimmes. And now we decided to write our own material, and I suddenly find myself the primary lyricist - and I've only really ever written lyrics in English :S

So now I find myself having written a couple of verses for one of our first songs, and I decided to look for guinea pigs to see how they trigger people. Congratulations, you've made the list!

Here's the English translation, original Dutch text which actually rhymes and fits a meter below. Appreciate if any of you take the time to write what they read and feel in these words. Thanks.

I ran into you on the coast, with your head held high you stood among the breakers, staring out over the sea
I came ashore to recuperate, but awoke on the cliffs of change, the tide dragging me along
And my heart screams 'yes you want this', and my soul whispers 'no'

So I examine my map, which will lead me to calmer beaches, untormented by the wind
I pray for safe voyage, but my dreams are full of undiscovered lands where I'll find all the treasures
That my soul doesn't want to accept, yet my heart cherishes so

After so many years on open water your words sound like a siren's call, promise extends
The water calm, the wind favorable, yet in the meantime my seaman's legs are shaking, as if bewitched by the sound
Of the calm before the storm that's brewing on the horizon

You know, I've told you, you're phenomenal but there's someone else and my bridges have been burnt
The course set, the helm is straight and my hope vested in the heaviness of the anchor, yet it gnaws at my sensibility
Mocks my intentions and leads me by the hand.


Ik kwam je tegen aan de kust
Je hoofd opgeheven stond je in de branding
En je staarde over zee
Aan wal gekomen voor mijn rust
Maar ontwakend op de klippen van verandering
Het getijde sleurt me mee
En mijn hart schreeuwt ja dit wil je
En mijn ziel fluistert van nee

Dus buig ik me over de kaart
Die me loodsen zal naar rustigere stranden
Ongeteisterd door de wind
Ik bid voor een behouden vaart
Maar m'n dromen vol van onontdekte landen
Waar ik alle schatten vind
Die mijn ziel niet wil aanvaarden
En mijn hart zozeer bemint

Na zoveel jaar op volle zee
Klinken jouw woorden als de roep van een sirene,
De belofte strekt zich uit
Het water kalm, de wind zit mee
Maar ondertussen tril ik op m'n zeemansbenen
Als betoverd door 't geluid
Van de stilte voor de storm
Die aan de horizon ontluikt

Je weet ik heb het je gezegd
Je bent fenomenaal maar ja er is een ander
En m'n schepen zijn verbrand
De koers gezet, het roer staat recht
M'n hoop gevestigd op de zwaarte van het anker,
Maar het vreet aan m'n verstand
Steekt de draak met mijn intenties
En het leidt me aan de hand



Posted by LuckyDee - February 3rd, 2022

I never loved the color yellow as much as I do since yesterday:


As in this case it marks my acceptance as NG forum moderator!

I applied to be one last month, with a clear and simple purpose: to increase community love for the voice acting discipline. I was introduced to Newgrounds by @Hyptosis way back in 2014 because I had plans to do some VA work for him, which unfortunately never went anywhere. Then by sheer coincidence I dropped back in here late 2020, the stars aligned and I've been actively working on VA projects, of my own as well as of others, and having a total fucking blast doing so.

Now the VA forum, especially compared to other sections, is a little on the quiet side, and I aim to grasp the clutch and shove it into the next gear. I'll be more active on the forum than I already was, for starters, and I think I know a couple of people who could make some amazing contributions there as well, so I'll start harassing them. And that's only phase one of my plan for world dom- er, increased VA exposure.

Actually, no - phase one was getting VA a spot on the featured audio list on the frontpage, and whaddaya know:


Still not sure whether I can actually take credit for this, but until proven otherwise, why, yes, I made this happen - how nice of you to notice :D

So, all of you, if you have questions, comments, suggestions, anything pertaining to the voice acting forum, you know where to find me. Any other moderator-related stuff, like complaints on other users' behavior or questions you know you should really know the answer to, sure, I can take those as well. But @Fro thrives on that shit, and the twinkle in his eye as he responds to your every whine is just priceless. See, Fro? I'm learning from the best.

Hope to see you all around on the VA Forum! Take care,




Posted by LuckyDee - January 30th, 2022

Ok, so no VYOC update this week, unfortunately - most of the household, myself included, came down with COVID and although I actually feel fine, I'm just about the only one meaning the entire housekeeping has been silently moved onto my own to-do list. Stay tuned, as I'm confident I'll be back in the running again next week. To be continued!



Posted by LuckyDee - January 8th, 2022

About a month ago, I took a big bite out of the art forum and over the past holidays I've been pondering on how to chew it all up. Going by @MrBendoodle's example I dared the artist community to submit their OC's for me to voice. Being used to the (lack of) activity on the VA forum, I expected three submissions at most. When I hit 25 in about a week, I posted a submission stop, to keep things manageable. When they still kept coming in, I asked a mod to lock the topic so as not to disappoint too many people. I am incredibly grateful - and slightly intimidated - by the huge amount of response!

What with New Year's resolutions and stuff, I decided to go about working all this out in a planned and controlled manner. Starting next week, I'm planning time each week to write and record for at least one of the submissions. I had great fun with the first two skits:

...and the exercise in writing, acting and sound design/production is really welcome. I'll tackle the submissions in whatever order I see fit (i.e. leaving the difficult ones for later, to keep the train running), but I'm determined to publish each and every one of them in the next half a year.

So @Gimpmastermind, @Sparkey10984, @Chipsoapart, @soopking64, @z0i, @BaconBob9000, @NxJ, @theorangeguydotjpg, @Techy621, @Azorat, @mrg19998, @LordDaviddoffski, @Lee33e, @MDL3wisAnimations, @ChromaCee, @MiskoMakesStuff, @Bluerasb3rry, @Skoops, @theslxl, @BlueKnightSkeleton, @EmanresuEvitaerc, @yixaline, @JBMINERLOL and @SmokingChameleon: keep your eyes peeled. You'll be next before you know it.

And @MaxyNorsky, @ProtoBeetle97 and @grassbud, although you were technically too late, I'll manage to squeeze you in there somewhere as well.

I will only update the forum post sporadically with a couple of new entries, if the mods allow me, so watch those notifications or just throw a dog a bone and follow me.

Thank you all! To be continued, and continued, and continued...



Posted by LuckyDee - December 13th, 2021


Oh my GLOB! <3



Posted by LuckyDee - December 7th, 2021

Although I can be a total elitist snob when it comes to music, Christmas tunes will forever hold a special place in my heart. So here's to spreading the cheer with my Spotify XMAS playlist:


Enjoy the ride, and feel free to leave any suggestions for expansion in the comments. Merry!